Ray-Tech Corporation

Radiology Imaging Service & Supplies

Services Offered

Machine Repair

We provide repairs on both digital and chemical based units for X-ray and other imaging processors.

Preventive Maintenance

We provide top quality preventative maintenance on machines both digital and chemical based units to help prevent the machine malfunctions or breakdowns. Our top of the line maintenance crew will also be able to diagnose everything that could need repair or replacement to help prevent any malfunctions.

X-ray Installs & Removals

Our staff is fully trained to perform any X-ray installation or removal. Prices vary on the size of room, type of equipment, time for tear down or installing, driving time, and amount of objects needing to be moved, removed, or installed. Please feel free to give us a call, we would be happy to write up a quote for you.

Product Sales

We can provide the appropriate parts needed to repair the machines along with the services to repair them. We also sell full units both digital and chemical based, we also produce the fixer and developer needed to run the chemical units.


Film in a variety of sizes, from companies like: Kodak and Fuji film; digital X-ray units, chemical X-ray units, repair parts (program updates and mechanical parts).